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It’s St. Patrick’s Day, going on 8 p.m., and so far, I score a “Fail” in the celebration department.

I am not wearing green (unless you count my eyes).

I did not cook green eggs for breakfast or pour myself a green beer. (Though right now these green-frosted chocolate cupcakes look pretty good! Wish I had one!)

I did not say to anyone:

I remember joining in all the green insanity when I was in college. The St. Patrick’s Day parade in St. Paul, MN. Followed by an all day/all night pub crawl (by the end of which we were actually crawling), always making last call at O’Gara’s piano bar.

Tonight it’s one of my college-age daughters whooping it up. She texted me earlier to say “I’m drinking a green beer!” She’ll have a much warmer time than I ever did — she’s in Florida — but other than that it sounds like she’s following in my sometimes unsteady footsteps. I will say a little prayer for her safety and hope she finds a pot of gold at the end of her rainbow.



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