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A taste for health

It’s been a week of successful experiments in delicious, lower-calorie dining around here.

The oven-roasted cauliflower — hot oven, olive oil, splash of lemon, sprinkle of Parmigiano when done — won raves from me and mystepdaugher.  Husband was less enthusiastic than we were, but ate it happily enough.

A dinner of whole-wheat spaghetti tossed with sauteed veggies (asparagus, red peppers, broccoli), cubed feta, chunks of roasted chicken and just a little ricotta — won raves from both me and my husband. And a promise to make it again soon so my stepdaughter could have some — she missed dinner that night.

And an old favorite, steel-cut McCann’s, with brown sugar and raisins, has made a return for breakfast several times this week.  Yes, it’s spring, but it’s still chilly in the morning, and this really fills us up and helps keep us going till lunch!

It’s another gorgeous sunny spring day, and I’m tempted to grill dinner outside — but that would require some serious grill cleaning.  Perhaps it’s time to make that whole-wheat spaghetti dish again …


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