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Fun with furlough

I’m on furlough this week. On the plus side, I’m completely disconnected from work (forbidden to so much as PEEK at email!) and have a full week (Mon.-Sun.) of time to dedicate to non-work pursuits. On the minus side, my next paycheck will be cut in half, so the week’s non-work pursuits must be free or really cheap!

I am trying to work up some enthusiasm to get my house in order. Literally. Closet needs cleaning. Bedroom needs cleaning. Carpets need cleaning. You get the (dirty) picture.

Today's project

The weather is just beautiful — sunny, in the 50s, 2010’s first real taste of spring. So I’m also trying to work up some enthusiasm for taking a long, brisk walk through the park.

And yet, here I sit, fingers on keyboard. Sipping an extra cup of coffee. Perusing other blogs. Thinking about what I might cook this week (so much for cheap pursuits and a clean kitchen!).

Wish me luck … and please pass the structure!

5 p.m. update: Worked on the closet off and on all day. Did lots of laundry. (Gee, doesn’t furlough sound FUN?) Still have some more organizing to do, but the bulk of it is done. Feels good.


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